Based on her fascination with art, dance, nature, mysticism and psychology, the paintings of Willow Arlenea reflect an intensity, spirituality and love of indigenous cultures combined with brilliant tones and fluidity of movement.

Willow's paintings are as colorful and eclectic as her life journey. The fluidity and multidimensionality apparent in her work transports the viewer into more subtle realms of experience. Geometric patterns, flows of energy, luminescence, archetypal images and ethnic designs are combined to convey the transformational journey we all share.

Willow Arlenea's dynamic visionary paintings have evolved to incorporate a unique blend of artistic influences. She felt drawn to the decorative patterning and mystical symbolism found in Native American, African and Aborigional art, which worked their way into her paintings. A deep resonance with Islamic, Egyptian and Afghani styles also emerged.

Willow's work continues to evolve. For her, creating a reality on canvas is a dance of polarities. Hard edges balance with a loose expressive style. Lights and darks, flow and pattering, complementary colors, texture and negative space all come into harmony in her work, creating inspiring symphonies of light.

Willow Arlenea

Oceanic Experience
Washing Pots
Passion Dancer
Eagle Journey
Owl Wisdom

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