He started painting when he was thirty-five and gave up his commercial activities to completely devote himself to paint. His paintings are characterized by sharp colour contrast, a strong visual impact. At the moment Mr. Villanueva is living in C�rdoba, Argentina.

The critics described his work as follows:
"Camilo Villanueva, a sort of alchemist who during the performance of his paintings, from the deepest of soul, keeps himself in a special state of consciousness that prepares the way for a superior purpose. His paintings are full of energy, love and harmony. One can feel part of his paintings and through them you can have access to the cosmic and change your soul into somothings different and superior to meet the sense of one's evolution. Camilo Villanueva's paintings are a sort of holograms that give you the opportunity to enrich your spirit, make visible the invisible and allow you to be one with te world".

Un nuevo continente

He was invited to participate in the Exposici�n Itinerante in Venezuela and Mexico in 1996; and at the Yango Art Gallery in Punta del Este, Uruguay.
In Argentina he exhibited his paintings at the Sheraton Hotel in Buenos Aires, Hotel Conquistador in Buenos Aires too, at the Rural Society, at La Maja Art Gallery at Patio Bullrich Gallery, at Babilonia Art Gallery and at the Italian Asociation invited by the National Direction of Visual Arts in Buenos Aires. In C�rdoba his paintings were exhibited in Posta del Sauce Art Gallery and at La Estancia Country Club.
Due to the importance of his works an interesting TV Cable program (Cable Vision and VCC) was done in Buenos Aires with the participation of very well known critics. The program had a favourable reception and it was considered as a great contribution of the Fine Arts.

Additional artwork you find at CamiloVillanueva.com.ar, his homepage.

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