The Sound of Peace - Celestial Mystical Emanations:

Angelical Transmission

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As it conveys the reality of being emanations effusing from the Divine Realm, from Eternity, from the Source of Creation, from the Heart of All Matter, The Infamous Void, The Cosmic Silence births the Silent Sound, the whirlpool of Creation, Bliss unites and ushers the Sound, Pure, Luminous, Vast and Concentrated, like an infusion of God, Presence, Glory which you Are. Remembering Home, Om, Aum, the Alpha and the Omega, One, Grace, United, in all, that, we, Are. Love. Perfection in an Instant. One moment that is Forever!

Sarah West is one of those truly rare phenomena that Divine Providence elects as a "pontifex," or bridge, to span the gap between actuality and possibility, between what humankind believes to be true and what is "sensed" intuitively to be true. This is no small matter. The greatest minds of every culture and of every age unanimously speak of another world," that to truly live is to surpass oneself, folding back to that astonishing part of us that partakes of this still point. Sarah West gives audible life to this stillness, this possibility, both through her singing and speech. As a result, she is able to touch the deepest recesses of the heart, moving them into alignment with the world behind appearances, the world which the greater part of humanity yearns for now as never before. Stated differently, Sarah West is about that uncommon depth, the stuff of genius which we all recognize immediately, that comes along in a rarefied embodiment to remind us all what this life is and what it is for. As a concert veteran of some forty years, and as someone who, himself, has performed with some of the very greatest musicians in the world, I can say without qualification that Sarah West is in a class by herself, embodying ideals both musically and personally that situate her as a harbinge of the kind of artist this planet of ours demands. Fortunate indeed are those, like myself, who, having heard, knew, and having known were forever changed. This is Ms. West's legacy, her gift to the people of the Earth.

Paul Jones, Composer

Concert Pianist
Enlightened Audio Designs
Fairfield, Iowa 1996

Visionary, Teacher, Healer

Sarah West is an angelic transmitter, visionary, powerful healer, mystic and teacher. She emanates a Holy gift of Celestial Mystical Outpourings, through Sacred Texts, Prayers and Divine Song that are beyond born from realms beyond this earth.

She has performed in Cathedrals in Italy to Churches and synagogues in the US to healing conferences spanning Europe, the Israel to the United States including The Sea of Galilee, Mt. Shasta, Hawaii, Earth Day - White House Ellipse to Cami Hall, NYC. Specifically, she has presented Evenings of Transformation at locations such as the A.R.E., Association of Research and Enlightenment - The Edgar Cayce Center, Whole Life and New Life Expos around the country, The Omega Institute, Unity, Science of Mind, Unitarian, synagogues, Catholic Churches and Interfaith Ministries all around the country, Kalani Hanua Retreat Center, Duke University, Peace Chambers, Light Centers, the United Nations, and Millennial Conferences.

Sarah's performance brings through a powerful and transformative spirit that inspires healing, tranquillity and peace. Through her Celestial Mystical Soundings and Healing Tones Sarah offers the opportunity to hear Eternity. Her unique and powerful style creates a gateway for accessing your own Divine Self and awakening the Sublime frequency within you

She has presented at conferences along with Wayne Dyer, Dr. Larry Dossey, Lynne Andrews, Rev. Raymond Moody, Drunvelo Melchizedek, Rama Vernon, Brian Weiss, Gary Zukov, Ken Kalb, Josef Rael Beautiful Painted Arrow, Arval Looking Horse to name a few. Additionally to having had her own TV show, Enlightened Vision, she has been on the nationally airing show Bridging Heaven and Earth, with host Allan Silberhartz along with Ronna Herman, author of On Wings of Light, messages of Love and Inspiration, and Santa Barbara show, Positive Alternatives, with host Lynette with Ken Kalb, author of LightShift 2000. Sarah's angelic melodies, immortal toning and sacred movement is a state of Prayer. Her presence creates an atmosphere of Harmony and her performance takes you to a still place within, leading to a Holy Union with the One Source.

Sarah is a minister and through the instruments of sound, silence, state of prayer she unleashes glories of divine expressions of angelic chorures, rapturous words forming prfound ground for remembrance, for awakening, for enjoying, for releasing, for unifying. Through the use of her voice, in pure tones, essential words, and divine silence, the Presence dances through into Being, before us, into us, within us, who we are. Naturally reflecting the state of grace that we all are! and becomes a communion where we all revel in that which we are. In essence it is a prayer, a living prayer that when prayed we become what which we pray!! We pray for grace, we unviel grace, we become grace. It is liquid grace. An ancient science, the sacred sound, pure, consciousness itself, sacred transmission connecting to Source, to our unique expression of Divinity. It is the experience of the Unified Field in being.

She is the Founder of Divine Expression Unlimited, a spiritually based entity imbibing the Vision for Peace in all that we Be, supporting inner Empowerment through Christ Consciousness. Sarah offers presentations all over the world at conferences, sanctuaries, homes, hospitals, governmental ceremonies, television and radio programs.

A native of Richmond, Virginia, Sarah left home at age fourteen to study ballet professionally in the US. and european universities. She is an accomplished ballerina, writer, visual artist, composer and performer and has an active practice as a healer and counselor. Sarah works on film documentaries regarding the Sacred and does film sound-tracks. She helps in upliftment and graceful transitions at hospistals and children's homes. She is an artist, director and visionary for films, film scores, TV, artists, clothing design, and architecture, education, and medical/healing facilities. Sarah is the aurthor of several books, sacred texts: "Breath of God: Healing the Human Heart and Awakening to the Divine", "Songs of Divinity", "The Eternal Whisper", "The Beloved's Tongue: The Golden Chariot"; and producer of Celestial Emanations on tapes/CDs: music that heals and unifies the mind, body and spirit: "The Sacred Pyramid", "The Sound of Peace", "Admission of Love", "The Golden Solar Angel"; and angelic spoken texts: Sacred Texts for Awakening and Nourishing the Divine Heart, See order form at the end of this book. The enitire text presented here of Loving An Angel are available on audio cassette to enliven these prayers and hear them spoken beautifully directly to your Heart: "The Golden Rose:A guide to Divine Love (Loving An Angel)", "Caban: All That Is", "Beauty of the Rose", "Song of the Beloved: Lullaby of Freedom".

Through her profoundly deep angelic presence, she is at once eternal youth and ancient wisdom. She emanates a state of being that is the harmony of humankind in union with communion with one with Divine Purpose.

Sacred Sounds are a tool for healing the mind, the body, the Spirit and the Heart. The frequency of a tone, a sound can be experienced in infinite possibilities.

The intent of the frequency, the birth of the tone is the Source. Through allowing the motion of Love, the primordial stirrings of the God-Source connection -- Oneness -- to resonate, pure Peace becomes the Body. In the calling forth of this consciousness the vessel is then compelled to let the rumblings of Heaven pour forth, usher up, through the Soul, the Sound.

There is the channel. The Sacred Space is created for the God-Vibration to pour forth. Through the vehicle of Sound and Space, prayers are heard, angelic choruses ring out and the touching of God's hands harmonizes the Soul and emanates throughout the human form. The becoming still, emptying, aligning with the Infinite releases the shadow, allows transformation-transfiguration.

Sarah West

"Play Me, Oh. God. Be Me. Become Me.
Holy. Holy. Holy. I unleash All fear.
Unbind Me Now. I let Go.
I AM Transformed Transfigured. By
Your Light. Seeing Me. I share with All!
Love. GLORY BE."

- Excerpted from An Epic of Freedom, the Vessel, "Breath of Spirit: Healing the Human Heart- Awakening to Divine", © 1995 Sarah West

Sarah West can be reached at <[email protected]> and visit her homepage ( for music and books written by her.

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