Animal, 1984

Jonathan Martin Rosen (1954-1999) - Contact Beth Merriman <[email protected]>

In approaching the landscape I consider the light, the elements in the frame. Do they converge together and form a totality energy system? I look for the soul in the landscape and the landscape of the soul. Two artists whose work I try to emulate are William Blake, with his wonderful light and energies and Vincent Van Gogh, his madly swirling lines. Finally, does the piece have that quality of transcendence?

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    jonathan m. rosen
     a deep valley, 19..
     crack the sky, 19..
     glow trees, 1984
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     japanese tree, 19..
     lunarscape, 1982
     my dream, 1980
     the gatehouse, 19..
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     animal, 1984
     dark tree, 1984
     marshlands, 1982

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